Margaret Nielsen

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For painter Margaret Nielsen, the journey has been a recurring theme in her artwork. The painter travels through her work and her own psyche, portraying aspects of life with a universal commonality and delving into the mystery of the human condition. Through the use of recurring imagery such as birds, the four elements, and other natural motifs, Nielsen connects the private, intangible world with the external, physical world. Her paintings, often small, jewel-like, and intimate, evoke Jung’s notion of the collective unconscious in that they touch upon experiences common to us all in the journey through life.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Margaret Nielsen attended Chouinard Art School, received her BFA from California Institute of the Arts, and her MA in clinical art therapy from Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. She has exhibited her paintings extensively, both nationally and internationally, as well as produced numerous public art projects.